Frequently Asked Questions

What is your Refer-a-Friend program?
The Ohio Natural Gas® Refer-a-Friend program allows current Ohio Natural Gas customers to earn up to $500 in Visa® reward cards each year when they refer their friends who enroll with Ohio Natural Gas.
How much in Visa rewards cards can I earn?
You can earn up to $500 per calendar year, every year! See program terms and conditions for additional information.
How do I refer friends?
It’s easy!

Get your Referral Code, share your Referral Code with your friends and earn rewards each time a friend signs up with Ohio Natural Gas® and provides your Referral Code at the time of enrollment. See program terms and conditions for additional requirements. Some exclusions apply.
How do I get my Referral Code?
Your Referral Code is available online. Have your gas utility account number and the name of your gas utility ready and go online to to view your Referral Code.
How do I share my Referral Code?
We provide the following tools to help you share your Referral Code:

  1. Share by email. You can quickly start sharing your Referral Code with your friends by utilizing our Share by Email tool located at Simply input your friends' email addresses and click "Send."
  2. Share by social media. Use Facebook and Twitter to share your Referral Code with friends. Just click the share links located at to bring up a pre-designed message and click post!
Visit to access these time saving tools!
How does my friend enroll with Ohio Natural Gas®?
New customers can enroll with Ohio Natural Gas® at or by calling us at 1.888.466.4427. Simply ask your friend to either enter your Referral Code in the Referral Code text box for online enrollments or tell the Customer Service Representative your Referral Code during a phone enrollment. Please be sure to remind them to provide your Referral Code when enrolling, otherwise, you will not be eligible for a Refer-a-Friend Visa reward card.
How will I know if someone signs up with my Referral Code?
When one of your friends enrolls with ONG and provides your Referral Code at the time of their enrollment, and we have your email address on file, we will send you an email notifying you of this action. We will also let you know when the card is on the way. If you have not provided us with an email address we won’t be able to notify you. You can provide us with your email address by visiting or by speaking with a customer service representative at 1.888.466.4427.
When will I receive my Refer-a-Friend Visa rewards card?
After your friend enrolls with ONG, it normally takes 3-5 weeks for the utility to activate their natural gas service with ONG. As long as you are still an Ohio Natural Gas® customer when this happens we will send you your Visa reward card. Please allow 4-6 weeks for processing and delivery of your Visa Reward Card by mail.
How do I check the status of my Visa rewards?
Referrers can view their Visa Reward Card activity at
If I refer my friends what do they get?
In addition to providing great service, we will always have special offers for your friends. They are free to choose from our current Refer-a-Friend offer or any of our other great offers that best suit their needs. They simply need to provide a promotion code when they enroll.
I sent my friend an email from your online email tool but my friend never received the email. What could have happened?
Please have your friends check their spam folder or promotions tab. Additionally, your friends may have previously unsubscribed from Ohio Natural Gas’s® marketing emails.
What is the difference between a Referral Code and a promotion code?
A Referral Code earns the referrer a Visa reward for referring a friend while the promotion code earns the referred friend another promotional benefit for enrolling with Ohio Natural Gas®.
If I was referred by a friend, but forgot to provide their Referral Code, what should I do?
You have 7 days after your initial enrollment to provide your friend’s Referral Code. Please contact our customer care team by phone at 1.888.466.4427.